The Orgone Effects® Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmoniser neutralises the harmful positive charge, Electromagnetic Radiation Field (EMF), from all types of personal wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops and ipads.

EMFs radiating from personal devices can be a health risk to those who use or are near them including adults, teens and children.  When close to or using a digital device, your body is being exposed to electromagnetic stress disrupting the life energy of the brain, organs and meridians.


By simply placing the Orgone Effects® Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser on the back of the phone, a healthy, negative charge is created that neutralises the harmful, positive charge on the person’s energy field without blocking the signal.

The Harmoniser has a strong adhesive backing that can easily be adhered to the back of mobile phones or any portable wireless device. Given the Harmoniser’s lifetime effectiveness, you can also place it between the device and cover for transfer to an upgraded device in the future.

The Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser is made by an Australian company, Orgone Effects®. To find out more about their products, research and testing, visit their website.

An Orgone Effects® Mobile Phone Harmoniser can be purchased for $30 (including postage). Payment and postal arrangements made via email.