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Zing for Life

Kinesiology is the art of muscle-testing to access subconscious programming and identify blocks of energy flow.  These disruptions are often caused by our negative ‘inner talk’ which triggers a physiological response of stress and poor self-care which, if left uncorrected, can create disease or pain.

Once energy blocks are identified, the use of gentle kinesiology techniques can restore the energy flow, thereby helping you to reach your goals of health and vitality or shift painful memories that have kept you in a state of grief and prevented you from manifesting your dreams.

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Zing for Tweens & Teens

Change and development is rapid during the pre-adult years.  Increased independence and responsibilities added to shifts in hormones, energy levels, sleep cycles and food intake can lead to imbalances and ultimately stress and despair.

To help your Tween or Teen navigate their lives during this exciting, yet challenging, period in their lives, kinesiology techniques can be a safe, non-toxic support to help him/her gain clarity, restore confidence, manage friendships and relationships, or even help set goals for competition, studies and career.


Zing for Kids

For small people, the world is big and loud, adults are tall and have authority.  Life can seem very confusing from a young person’s perspective.  Kinesiology can help with fears and anxieties that arise around day-care or school, animals, or places, anything that prevents your little person from being happy and thriving.

Children benefit from gentle kinesiology techniques to clear stress around learning, managing grief, or other major changes in their daily lives.  Identifying self-confidence issues or misplaced beliefs and recreating new thoughts can assist with managing relationships (siblings, parents, friends, teachers).  This helps to free your child to move forward confidently.

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Hi, welcome to the online home of Zing Kinesiology.

I have created this Practice with the knowledge that the technique of kinesiology allows me to help people achieve their goals and restore their health.

Having studied in Melbourne, I started practising this amazing modality and opened Zing Kinesiology back in 2004.  Several years later, I moved to Queensland and ‘paused’ to create my beautiful family.

Once I knew I had the energy to hold the space and facilitate others in their healing journey, I recreated Zing Kinesiology in Noosa Heads and continued on this amazing path of being part of other people’s lives – which I feel honoured and inspired by – as they rediscover their inner strengths and health.

I now practice kinesiology to help myself, my family and clients to move past our ‘blocks’ and continue reaching our full potential in this lifetime.  More ….

  • Qualifications

    Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences)
    Diploma Professional Kinesiology (ICPKP)
    Landmark Education – Forum, Advanced, Leadership, Communication
    First Aid 2017 – HLTAID001, HLTAID002, HLTAID003,
    Blue Card No. 1633118

Client feedback …..

“I had an awesome kinesiology session in October with Melinda.  I highly recommend having a treatment, you’ll come away feeling differently about yourself!”

Laurel Josephs-Igoe
Laurel Josephs-IgoeBusiness Owner - Laurel’s World

“I just had a Kinesiology session from the wonderful Melinda Vincent of Zing Kinesiology. Am now at the beach clearing , cleansing and grounding . Life is pretty good !! If you’re on holidays or live on the Sunshine Coast, give her a called for a reset balance . She is an ICPKP professional Kinesiologist.”

Amanda Adey
Amanda AdeyBusiness owner - Auricfields Kinesiology

I was introduced to Melinda from a girlfriend.  I have been seeing Melinda Vincent from Zing Kinesiology for well over 6mths for various health issues and emotional trauma, that modern health system hadn’t been able to give me answers.  I can happily report my health has improved 100% and her sessions have enabled me to cope with some tragic and emotional times.   I am forever grateful to her for our sessions.  I always feel amazing after a session with Melinda.  We have moved things that have been holding me back for many years.  I can highly recommend Melinda so if you need help, getting grounded or need a full reset or just want to feel the best you can be!!!  – Melinda is your answer.

Sarah Fisher
Sarah FisherBusiness Owner - Beautiful Oils for Life