doTERRA Oils

Essential oils can assist with healing on all levels of your being as they as provide access to profound shifts to thought processes, raise your vibration to lift dark moods or energise you towards creative projects.

Essential Oils are the pure liquids distilled or expressed (citrus) from all parts of the plant.  Pure, therapeutic-grade oils, like doTERRA Essential Oils, retain the protective and immune strengthening properties of the plants from which they are extracted.  Historical records show the use of essential oils by the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese civilisations for medicines and the ancient Greek and Romans treasured their oils for uses of perfumes, ceremonies and massage.1

Now through modern day science and extensive research, the essential oils have become recognised for their therapeutic and healing properties for the body, brain and emotions.2

The use of essential oils can elicit either systemic (circulating through the blood) or localised (skin) therapeutic effects depending on how they are used (topical, aromatic or internal) and the chemical constituents of the essential oil.  Some essential oils can have both a ‘whole body’ and localised effect at the same time.2