Kinesiology is the art of muscle-testing to access subconscious programming and disruptions to the energy flow of the body, mind and soul.  Muscle testing is used to identify where the information flow of our mind–body processes are dysfunctional and why.

Our health is multifaceted: we are biological (chemical processes mostly from our diet), magnetic (a steady flow of +ve and -ve ions), postural and dynamic (we move our muscles, incur injuries and experience pain) and for the most part, experiencers (based on our values and beliefs, we create thoughts and from these we feel.  From our feelings, we make choices that lead us to behave in certain ways – beneficial or not).

The modality of kinesiology lends itself perfectly to our complexity as the muscle testing allows the body and subconscious mind to ‘explain’ which of these facets of the person have contributed to the state of illness, pain, unhappiness, weight loss or gain, food and environmental sensitivities.  Nature’s forces continuously urge us back to a state of well-being and …… we get in the way.

By raising our awareness to what is needed and reinstating the communication and energy flow of the body and mind, kinesiology can help you to reach your goals of health, vitality to do things you love, achieve life or career milestones or shift painful memories that have kept you in a state of grief.


It is simply a technique of light pressure on specific muscles to identify where stress is being held by the body and why.  Using a simple biological feedback mechanism to access the cellular memory, information is presented on how you are responding to your current challenge and what assistance is needed to move past the ‘block’ to health and well-being.

The ancient Chinese viewed these ‘blocks’ as points of stagnant energy.  Our life force is not flowing freely through our minds and bodies that can cause unhappiness, pain or illness if not shifted.

Candice Pert, founder of psycho-neuro immunology found our immune system contained receptors for brain peptides (the molecules that make up proteins).  She demonstrated how her finding was the link between emotional and physical health.  She tells The Age (11/03/02) “These emotion-affecting peptides actually appear to control the routing and migration of monocyte (types of white blood cells), which are pivotal to the overall health of the organism……Thus healing can be stopped by an emotional state that has the wrong chemicals.  On the other hand, people really do have sudden, miraculous healings when there is a sudden emotional shift.”


Kinesiology is a worldwide technique practices in over 50 countries.  It combines the ancient healing philosophy of the East with current western understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Kinesiology was devised in the early sixties by an American chiropractor, Dr. George Gooodheart.  Goodheart developed the powerful feedback technique of muscle testing.  He also found a relationship between the Chinese energy meridians, our internal organs and biological systems (nervous, vascular, lymphatic, muscular) to identify health problems.  His work is known today as Applied Kinesiology.


Kinesiology can help you to enhance any aspect of your life.


  • Muscle strength and injury prevention
  • Postural imbalances and co-ordinated movement
  • Brain integration and motor skills
  • Goal setting – power and performance
  • Emotional resilience


  • Food and environment sensitivities and reactions
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Detoxification
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Disrupted sleep patterns


  • Learning difficulties – brain integration and motor skills
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Unlock creativity and release projects


  • Depressive states, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Release emotional trauma and shock
  • Self-confidence and self esteem
  • Stress management
  • Fears and phobias
  • Life or career path
  • Relationships – family, friends, personal


This type of approach to healing is wholistic in that every facet of the human energy system is considered when progressing towards restoring your health and enthusiasm for life.

Each session is personalised because it is guided purely by the information given by your muscle testing.  There is no guesswork or external diagnosis involved, therefore, the source of the health challenge can be identified as unbiased and unique.

Both the evaluation (muscle testing) and corrections are natural and gentle.  There is no need for invasive testing, manipulation of joints or insertion of needles.

The remedies used draw upon the innate healing ability of your body to restore itself to its own natural energy flow and to reset your subconscious mind to new, positive ways of responding to the current stressor and to life in general.

Through greater awareness of the problem, you are encouraged to make positive choices about your health and lifestyle, thereby reinforcing your commitment to being responsible for future choices and health state.


  • I will ask you to explain your current challenge, your health history, any remedies you are currently undertaking and your thoughts on the triggers.
  • We will agree upon the desired outcomes for the session.
  • I will use gentle-muscle testing to evaluate where the body is holding stress and why. I will also discuss with you the various emotional states that are relevant to the issue concerned.
  • Having gained a deeper understanding of the situation, I test up the most appropriate method of remedy to shift the ‘blocks’ to healing.

Remedies your body chooses can include:

  • Muscle balancing using acupressure or reflex points
  • Emotional stress release including affirmations or visualisations
  • Learning enhancement and brain integration techniques (movement)
  • Nutrition or lifestyle recommendations
  • Meridian energy healing
  • Magnetic healing
  • Essential oils
  • Flower essences
  • …and more


Initially, you are likely to feel relaxed and ready to take on your life with a refreshed perspective.  Over two or three days, you may still experience the memory of pain or restriction in movement as your mind/body adjusts its energy flows.

You may test up to have home reinforcement or lifestyle changes to implement.  If you follow through with your intention to create the life you want and commit to the follow up activities, you will start to ‘see’ the benefits of the session unfold.  You will be more likely to attract opportunities for resolution of relationship issues or opportunities to achieve goals.

As new positive experiences strengthen your mind, your physical self will respond with better survival mechanisms, both reaffirming your overall health.

For best results, at least three sessions are recommended over several weeks or months as determined by the muscle test and, of course, if you enjoy the introductory session.